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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goats on the Loose...

Yesterday was a rather eventful day. First, I locked my keys in the car. Fortunately, this time, the girls were not in it. It is pretty bad when I have the local towing company's phone number memorized. My dad says I have them on speed dial. I don't, but maybe I should add them! Then one of the goats, "George"( they were named after the Curious George TV shows) jumped out of the pen.
I like our goats because they have ALWAYS stayed in their pen. They don't jump out and nibble on my flowers like other goats. We got them when they were babies, so I think that is why. They just never learned to jump out! Anywho, Brad came and helped me get him back in. He was in the fields so he wasn't very chipper about the whole thing.
In this photo, "Man with the Yellow Hat"(Again, named after Curious George) is the good goat. But last night, they both got out...and I saw them do it this time. They jump on top of the water tank and then jump over the fence. So, Brad put a panel over the water tank so they wouldn't be able to jump on it.

The girls thought it was pretty funny...

If they would stick to only eating weeds, I wouldn't mind if they roamed...but I like my flowers!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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