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Monday, February 1, 2010

Time With Friends...

Yesterday, B and I traveled to St. Luke's Methodist Church to witness the debut of David and Jamalyn. I was excited to be there because last week, I was starting to get a little "homesick" and wanted to see them. They don't preach every Sunday, and this was the first time preaching since their arrival at the church. There were several hometown friends there to support them. Their sermon was about Haiti and three of the mission team members from St. Luke's also spoke. B was eager to see Margaret and I believe the feelings were quite mutual. When I took B into the nursery, Margaret was a bit speechless. And anyone who knows Margaret will tell you, this doesn't happen very often!:0) BTW..this is a HUGE church and they have a great childcare system there. I am used to our small church and was glad Nana was there to show me the ropes. Before you take you kid to childcare(the kids at St. Luke's are in nursery the whole service) you have to turn in your driver's license and in exchange, they give you a beeper looking thing that alerts you by vibrating if they need help controlling your child. When you take your kid into the room, you sign a sheet that has the beeper # and your name next to it. They put a sticker on the kid's back that has their name, age, and if they have any allergies, are potty trained, if you brought a diaper bag, etc. Since I went with Brad's parents, and his mom was part of the mission team, they had us sit way up front so that we could be recognized. The whole time, I was thinking, "B, please behave yourself because I don't want to have to walk out in front of all these people(there is even a balcony!). B is pretty well behaved, so I didn't think I had anything to worry about, but still I didn't want to have to make a "scene"....and I didn't.

Below are pix of B and Margaret playing on the steps.
Did I mention this church has a gift shop and information desk? At one point, I thought I was in the mall!;0)

This pic was stolen...i mean borrowed from Susan's blog. We both really wanted to take pix during the service, but we controlled ourselves. Afterwards, Jamalyn told me I should have went up to the balcony to take pix. Oh well, I will know next time!
Again, huge church...and we sat up front, but I think I already mentioned that.

After church, we picked up some food, at the location, of our choice and went back to Dave & Jamalyn's for food, fun, & fellowship. They have an awesome "game room" behind their house and that is where most of the day was spent.

Sorry, to blur you out Chantel. Please don't take it personal...it's just my good photography skills.lol.:0)

The guy on the left is from St. Luke's and also went on the mission trip...

Ben, on the left, also went on the mission trip. He was a year ahead of me in school. We were FFA officers together. He is super nice and on the right is his wife Becky. She is super nice too. They are expecting a baby girl in April. Good Luck Ben & Becky!

J.D., on the left, also went on the mission trip. He is Ben's dad.

The lady with the big black circle around her head is Susan. She is the lady that I steal...I mean borrow pictures from all the time. She has a blog and you can find it here. Sorry, to call you out Susan, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I posted your pic on here and didn't tell everyone that you also had a blog.:0) Warning--Susan and her family are avid New Orleans Saints fans and you will quickly find this out if you go to her blog, but they are super nice people and that is more important than what NFL team they support!:0)

After the girls were finished coloring, they decided they needed to work off some of their lunch...

It is easier when it is a joint effort...

Then it was time to play the piano...

The lady on the right is Jamalyn's mom..aka Nana...i couldn't post without a pic of her.
B, of course, didn't want to leave, so I agreed to let her spend the night. I figured it would be good for both of us. B did fine, probably better than me. Nana kept me updated by sending my texts and pictures throughout the night. And at 10:30pm she texted to say that B was fast asleep. I could breathe a sigh of relief. I am leaving right now to go pick her up. Nana is bringing her half way. Adios!

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  1. Great post Sarah! You are welcome to borrow pictures any time. I am honored to share them with you. And thanks for forgiving me for being a Saints fan. I'm glad we can still be friends! :)


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