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Monday, November 16, 2009

Who Knew...

This little girl...
wants one of these for her birthday...
A unicorn pillow pet. It is a stuffed animal, but undo the Velcro and it is a pillow. Seems simple enough, right? Sounds easy to get, right?...WRONG! They are "temporarily" out of stock. For who knows how long. I checked on Amazon.com and they had one, but it wasn't this exact one and looked rather cheap. So I checked at eBay. The price on this cute little critter is $19.99. But on eBay, you can buy one for only.....
Are you ready for this??
Are you sure??? because I almost fainted when I saw the price...

That was the "buy it now" price. You could bid on several others, but I am not a bidder. Just ask Brad. I refuse to go to auctions without him! He does all my bidding...and he is a little occupied right now with the whole harvest thing.
Who knew that a unicorn would be so darn expensive!
So, I asked B tonight, " Which pillow pet do you want?"
B replied, "A unicorn."
Me...."Are you sure you don't want a frog instead?'
B...."No, I don't like frogs."(If she finds a toad....we don't have frogs around these parts... she instantly picks it up if she can catch it so I don't believe that she doesn't like frogs!)
Me..."Okay, how about a bumble bee?"
B...."No, it might hurt me."
Oh this could go on forever!!!
For now I will just check the pillow pet website daily and pray that they are in stock soon because her birthday is only a month away...and if she doesn't have a pillow pet to open, ugly B may come to the surface!!!
Wish me luck and PLEASE keep me in your prayers!!!

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