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Friday, November 20, 2009

To The People Who Make Robitussin...

Your new improved taste....
is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! I think the cleaner that I use to mop my floors probably tastes better than this. Granted, I didn't really care for the taste of your product before, I have to say I liked it MUCH better than your new improved taste. Please go back to the old flavor.
Sarah M.
I have developed a cough over the last few days and I was taking another cough suppressant that wasn't working so I decided to buy some good ole Robitussin. I took it this morning and almost gagged at the taste. The flavor before was yucky, but this is drop to your knees disgusting!! When I drank it I thought maybe it was expired or something, but then I looked at the box and saw the new and improved label. While the taste may be new, it definitely isn't improved.

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