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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Catching Up...

 Well, sadly it has been two months since I last posted on here.  It's been super busy around here as I'm sure it has been for most of you.  And I started a fun little project which I will tell you about later in the post.   I've decided to do a post to catch you all up because I'm sure you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering about us;)

We had family pictures before harvest started.  We usually wait until after we are done in the fields, so Brad doesn't have to take time away for pictures because we all know he would love that!  The girls are done changing each day like they did when they were babies, so I decided I wanted to have them taken in the summer, but summer quickly turned into fall and in September we had them taken, but we weren't freezing our patooties off!  This is pretty much how they went....

There's always that one sister!;)

Mel turned 7!!!!

Jo turned 3!!!!

3 is my favorite age, minus the terrible three temper tantrums.  I hate to tell you, but the tantrums don't stop at 2.

We celebrated all month and the month before.  The weeks leading up to her birthday, she kept saying, "My birfday's coming up."  Then the days after, "My birfday's coming up."  I think her birthday's from now on may have to be a month long celebration.

I started a new endeavor called The Farmwife Crafts.  I am so excited about this change.  I used to share recipes,  crafts, and family life here on this blog, but now all my crafts and recipes will be posted at The Farmwife Crafts.  Don't worry!  I'm not going anywhere.  I will still share stories here, but for all my crafts, DIY, and recipes, visit The Farmwife Crafts please:).

We visited our favorite pumpkin place to get our pumpkins.

Mel completed her first ever basketball camp and loved it and now she is doing gymnastics!  And she also did a cheer camp and loved it!
Jo got silly putty stuck in her hair and after trying every other option we could think of, she had to get it cut;(.  Goodbye curls...

We visited our favorite place not once, but twice this month.

We spent a lot of time with friends.  Some live close and others live far away.  Either way it's always fun to get together.

Jo filled her pockets with "beams" and cried when all of her "beams" were gone from the fields.  I, however, did not cry!

After 5 long weeks and only a couple rainy days we wrapped up harvest and were thankful for another year.

Last night we  carved pumpkins.  I don't know why we can't just stick to the basic triangle eyes and nose and crooked mouth, but we have fun!

Now we are ready for career day at school tomorrow with our teacher and farmer and Halloween on Saturday with a minion, cheetah, and zombie.


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