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Thursday, July 23, 2015

22 Days...

22 days.  That is exactly how many days Jo has been paci free!  I didn't think it would happen this soon(I know. I know.  She's almost three, but I really wasn't worried about weaning her from it at this time.), or that it would be so easy.  
She always had at least two pacis everywhere we went, and if we were going for a car ride, I always made sure to pack at least 5!  She is a HORRIBLE car rider, and if any of my friends or family members are reading this, they are probably nodding their heads right about now.  She has never liked the car!  I remember taking her to B and Mel's gymnastics lessons when she was a week old and she cried for the 18 minute drive there and the 18 minute drive home.  Not just cry, but that blood curdling scream that a newborn has.  I came home in tears (I blame the hormones) and Brad said, "She's only a week old.  Give her time.  She'll get better."  Yeah.  She never did.  So, the pacis have always made the drive a little bit easier.

Another reason   excuse she always had the paci was because she is very strong willed!  The most strong-willed out of the three.  Once again, friends and family are nodding their heads;).  So, I didn't think that the weaning process would be easy.

B was weaned by planting them in the garden.  She was 2.5 also.  We planted each one, then at nap time I dug them all up and put sunflower seeds in their place.  She was convinced that those seeds would grow a paci tree!  She soon forgot about them and the sunflowers bloomed and no pacis grew;)

We told Mel that she left her's at Grandma's and we would have to get them the next time we were there.  We didn't visit Grandma for a while.  This wasn't a total lie because she really did leave one there, but we had 5 in the cabinet;).

So, how did we wean Jo?  The three girls and went to town to run errands.  As we were pulling out of the driveway I realized I didn't grab any extra pacis.  She had one in her mouth and one in her hand.  I didn't feel like running back in the house for more, so I thought to myself 'She's just going to have to deal with it."  5 minutes in to the ride she was asking for more so I explained to her that we left them at home.  We went to the library, then drove to the county courthouse.  When we were getting in the car from the courthouse she asked for another paci.  She still had one in her mouth so I asked her where the other one was.  She said, "At church."  Which also means library.  I told her that it was lost and I wasn't going back to find it. She is notorious for leaving them places! Looooong ride home.  When we got home she took a nap, with her 5 pacis.  That night, after supper, she came to me and asked for another paci.  She opened the drawer in the kitchen where we kept them and the two in there had holes, so she didn't want those.  I reminded her that we left a paci at the library and that they were all gone.  Then B, Mel, Brad and I scrambled through the house to find the pacis that we could and hid them.  She only asked for it once at bed time and a few more times after that.  If she sees a baby with one, she will ask about her's, but is usually satisified with hearing that she left it at the library.

We have visited the library since then and she never asked for it;)  She did find one miraculously appear on the kitchen counter.  I have no idea where it came from.  She exclaimed, "My paci!  Thank you, Daddy!"  Brad was just as clueless as I was.  I told her it had bugs on it so we had to throw it away.  We are still keeping our eyes peeled for any missing ones that might be hiding in the house!

So, there you have it.  It was all because she left one at the library.



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