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Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Craft Time: Monster Door...

I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine and thought it would be something fun and easy that the girls and I could make.  We had most of the supplies on hand except the black paper plates and the poster board.

The supplies I used were:
poster board (2 sheets)
large paper plate
small paper plate
various colors of construction paper

You can definitely get as creative as you want with this.  The girls couldn't agree on the hair color.  Mel wanted orange and B wanted blue.  So we compromised and our monster has blue and orange hair:).

B also wanted our monster to have red pupils.  She also designed the mouth herself and Mel wanted it to have red blood dripping from its mouth, that is what the red spots are on his teeth:)

I bet our door is scarier than your door! 
The girls also painted pumpkins.  This was also a cheap and easy craft for them to do. 

I think they are my favorite pumpkins on the porch.  Jo even decorated the little one.  She didn't really get the concept of a paint brush, so she just used her fingers. 
These next two photos have nothing to do with this post, but I thought some family members might enjoy seeing them.  Mel has a pretty creative imagination.  Last week she was a ninja! 
The belt from my bath robe makes a pretty good head band...or whatever those things are called that ninja's wear around their heads! 


  1. I Love your Monster Door!! Now that we aren't getting Family Fun anymore, I missed this one.

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