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Monday, December 21, 2009

Brad's New Mixer...

Brad...ummmm....I mean WE purchased this new piece of equipment last week...
The thing attached to the tractor. Not the tractor. We have had it awhile. It is old news. Anywho, they call this thing a mixer. It mixes the ground feed, silage, and hay into the proper rations for the cattle. It is meant to make the feeding process more efficient.
Eric, our hired hand...i don't like those words.....my cousin who works for us, drove by while I was snapping these photos(I might add that I was in my PJ's, so he may have to go through therapy to get over that sight:0) He was a little upset that he didn't get to have his picture taken as well, so the little dot to the right of the tractor, in the below photo, is Eric. See, Eric, you weren't left out!:0)

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