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Saturday, February 28, 2009

since when do we have 3 goats???.......

I went outside yesterday and the goats were being exceptionally loud. I didn't really think anything of it, so I went inside. I kept hearing them and looked out the window and realized that we had a third goat. I immediately called Brad and asked, "since when do we have 3 goats?" He didn't know anything about it. Evidently, he had told our Amish neighbors, and friends, to drop one off when they got a chance because he thought it would be neat to have baby goats!!!! So, that is where the third one came from. Our goats stay in their pen. Thank goodness for that because I would be a little upset if they ate my flowers. This goat gets out all the time and he is so tame. Brad came home last night and it was at the back door. Brad opened the door and the darn thing almost came in the house!!! I'm all for pets inside, but not goats!:) Brad put it back in its pin and by the time brad made it back in the house, he was out again. Instead of having a dog or cat whining at the door, we have a goat. I'm just hoping we have baby goats in the works sometime soon!!!

(L to R) Dora, Boots, and new goat(swiper the fox as b calls him) If you have never seen Dora the Explorer, then you probably won't get the humor in that one!

New goat....kinda cute....if you like goats!! Sounds like we might have baby goats for sale. So if you want one, give me a ring. They are the small goats...a lot cuter than the big ones.(i think)

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