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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the girls....

i was reading someone's blog the other day and they had a photo of their 2 1/2 month old sitting in a saucer...melaney constantly wants to sit up or stand, but still needs our help to do this, and obviously we can't do that 24/7. i thought she was still too little to use the saucer, but when i saw the picture of the other baby i thought i would give it a shot and she loves it. if she isn't sleeping, she is in her saucer because she likes it so much. when i look at these pictures i can't believe how much she looks like her daddy. sure she has my blue eyes and red hair, but everything else is her daddy. you may not see the resemblence, but i sure do...especially when he is holding her. she also looks identical to her sister when b was this age.

i was at kroger and they were giving away free ice cream...it is mango flavored...i think it is nasty, but b likes it.

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